Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have a trial?

Trials are always recommended to have before any special occasion. This way you will know if you are happy with your makeup artist and the makeup artist is better prepared on your big day and it will take less time. A trial is recommended to have as soon as possible. You will then have a better idea of what colours you like, what coverage of foundation you prefer, how false eyelashes feel, if you have a sensitivity to the makeup, how long the makeup will last on your skin, how long curls will last in your hair etc. A trial takes all the guess work out for you and me and will allow for a more relaxed application on the day.


Do I need to prepare for my trial/makeup session?

The more information about you, the better! Collect pictures of the look you would like, advise on the colour of your clothing and accessories, details of the flowers, the bridesmaid's dresses, the colour theme you are having/attending etc. Please provide adequate space in your home for your makeup service, this includes bench space, and floor space large enough to fit a chair, 2 people and a makeup case. It is also best to be as close to a window with natural light coming in as possible. If you are having hair done, a power point near by is also handy.


How should I prepare my skin?

Leading up to your event, regular facials are ideal along with a good daily skincare routine. This includes cleansing, toning, moisturising and eye and lip cream/balm daily, exfoliating once a week and a facial mask once or twice a week. At the very least cleansing and moisturising daily and exfoliating weekly is a must. Only use professional skincare, anything else will likely damage your skin, not improve it. For any questions regarding a skin care routine or product recommendations, please contact us. Have your waxing completed at least one day prior to your special occasion. The night before gently exfoliate your face and on the day ensure your face is freshly cleansed and moisturized. It's important that your eyebrows are expertly shaped. If you are having a spray tan, it is recommended to have it 2 days prior to the event. Having your eyelashes tinted, especially if you have fair hair, is also highly recommended.

Tip: Increase water intake, this will keep your skin hydrated and reduce flaking.

How should I prepare my hair?

Please ensure you have had a haircut within 1 week of your event, this will reduce the amount if frizziness in your hair and the ends will look smoother.  The day or night before your event, please thoroughly wash your hair twice with a sulfite and silicone free shampoo. Take special care to get under the scalp at the back. Do not condition your hair unless you have very dry hair, then you may condition the ends only. Do a final rinse of your hair with cold water, this will close the follicles and leave your hair smoother. Gently pat dry your hair, do not rub, with a towel. If you have a volumising mousse you may apply it to your damp hair. Blowdry your hair to bone dry and do not put in any other products or use other heat tools. Keep your hair out, including while you sleep, all the way up until your hair appointment. Do not put it up in a bun, ponytail or braid in any way. Hair needs to be dry, clean and kink free for the most effective results with hairstyling. If your hair is oily and dirty on the day of your booking you may be asked to wash your hair. Please be aware that any hair that needs is wet or damp on the day that needs to be blowdried will require extra time to prepare and the style will not hold as well. Please thoroughly check if any young ones have head lice prior to your booking. Hair styling will not be able to be performed on anyone with head lice.

How long does a makeup application take?

45 mins – 2 hours depending on how extravagant the look and if any trials have been done.


Will I need to touch up my makeup?

It is a good idea to have a lip gloss/lipstick with you as this is generally the makeup that wears off the quickest. If you have oily skin, blotting paper is also recommended. All though Neeka applies the best products for makeup longevity there is no guarantee how long your makeup will last. Factors such at skin condition and type, dryness/oiliness, sweating, environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, air conditioning, wind, how often you or someone else touches your face, wearing glasses/sunglasses, eating, drinking etc all affect how long your makeup will last. On average, foundation generally lasts 8 hours and eye makeup 12 hours. Lipstick usually wears off within a few hours.


I prefer a natural look - will I look or feel overdone?

You are not alone, many women feel this way. Neeka takes care to listen to your wishes and to design a makeup that's perfect for you as an individual. Feel free to have some pictures of a look you would like. Please bare in mind a natural look is still a full face of makeup. If you are not used to wearing makeup, I would highly recommend a trial before your special occasion so you can get used to how you look with a professional makeup application and if you are happy to go ahead with that look for the day.

Can I come to you?

Yes, Dewy Beauty has a private home studio based in Runcorn, Qld. Address is given out once deposit has been paid. Due to the size of the studio, a maximum of 2 people can be at the studio at any one time. Please note there are no children under the age of 10 permitted in the studio. Strictly no smoking is permitted inside or outside the studio at any time. Free street parking is available. Please enter through the front gate. Please note, there are cats living within the home, if you are allergic please notify Dewy Beauty prior to your arrival so they can be separated from the preparation area.


Do you provide a mobile service?

Yes, Dewy Beauty provides a full mobile service. For all mobile bookings, a travel surcharge applies. Please see our Prices section or contact us for more information.


Do you provide a hair styling service?

I currently offer basic hair styling only. This includes curling, straightening and basic up-dos. Please see my Hair gallery for examples of my work.


What methods of payment do you accept?

Dewy Beauty accepts cash, direct debit and EFT via square card reader. Please note a $2 per service fee applies to EFT transaction.

Are there any styles of hair, makeup and occasions you do not do?

Dewy Beauty is only able to offer simple hair styling, so Neeka is unable to do complex/advanced hairstyles. For makeup application Neeka does not offer spfx/gore/halloween makeup or heavy contouring. Neeka also does not provide drag makeup, opposite sex makeup, boudoir/lingerie/nude/implied and bikini photo shoots or same sex weddings. 

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